About the Fast Food Secrets Club

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What is the purpose of this website?

This website serves as a searchable database of the many YouTube videos showcasing different secrets and hacks posted by the president of the Fast Food Secrets Club himself, Jordan Howlett.

Is there only fast food related information?

No. There are secrets and hacks related to brands of all types. There are also general food hacks and life hacks for everyday life.

Is this website directly affiliated with Jordan Howlett?

No. I am just a fan of Jordan's content who wanted an easy way to find specific hacks and secrets, since not every video of his has a descriptive title.

Does Jordan know about this website?

Maybe. If he makes a video about it, I'll link to it here.
Yes he does. Jordan actually owns the domain name now!

How does this website make money?

That's the neat part: it doesn't.

Can I advertise on this website?


Will you include other creators work?

I do not currently have plans for it.

Who are you?

Just a nerd who likes to make knowledge easily accessible.

Can I hire you for a project?

Sure. Just use the contact form in the footer to get in touch.